If you are thinking about spending your days hidden away from the world and everyday worries, join us and experience something unique and never before seen. Our everyday routine includes secret bays, some of the most beautiful ports of the Mediterranean, beautiful passing-by islands … all of that and so much more as you are relaxed and rested in one of our luxurious cabins.

After years of experienced sailing and meeting the guests’ demands and wishes, the motor sailor Amorena represents the perfect combination of style, tradition and hospitality. Amorena is especially focused on its’ guests wishes; from those who want to spend their days far away from the land, in the middle of the open sea, all the way to those who want to explore all the wonders of the Adriatic, everyone will find something for themselves. Overall, the right combination of sailing and discovering beautiful islands while cruising is the go-to option that makes every desire possible.

Allow yourselves the possibility to make your dreams and wishes come to life with the unforgettable Amorena cruise.

The luxuriously equipped cabins offer numerous services to our guests: LCD TV, audio system with an integrated channel informingyou of the sailing course, adjustable air conditioning system and smoke detectors. In order to fulfill all your demands, the cabins offer you a working space with a desk, night lamp, and wardrobe, plug boxes etc. All the cabins are situated above the sea level, both in the middle and the lower deck. The upper deck of 70 m² contains a spacious, air-conditioned restaurant with 40 seating places, designed with a special accent on the comfort of the guests. The same deck has a wood-paneled sun tanning area of 120 m², with deck chairs and wooden armchairs.

In case our guest are in need, Amorena has a 6.5 m speedboat with 12 seating places, situated on the uppermost deck.